Each year, up to 20 4‐H clubs participate in an overall apple pie contest prior to the fair. Five finalists are then notified, with the winners announced on Monday at the fair. These pies are auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Pike County 4‐H Committee’s “Apple Pie Scholarships” for graduating seniors.

1 st Place: 4‐Corners 4‐H Club
2 nd Place: Hare Raisers 4‐H Club
3 rd Place: Livestockdalers 4‐H Club
4 th Place: Beyond the Clover 4‐H Club
5 th Place: Chix‐n‐Chaps 4‐H Club

On Monday, July 31 st , 2017,the following buyers purchased a top‐five pie and collectively donated $7000.00! Big “thank‐you’s” are extended to:

DKM Construction
Gerry Salisbury and Towpath
Ohio Valley Veneer
Cody Robbins