2018 Pike County Agricultural Society

2018 Pike County Agricultural Society

Board of Directors and Members Responsibilities

Advertising – Cody Robbins, Mary Conley, Mike Carter, Jim Bond

Arm Wrestling – Shane Gragg, Art Robbins

Arts & Crafts – Bonnie Ward, Mike Carter, Cody Robbins

Beef Cattle – Howard McClay, Mike Carter, Cody Robbins, Wes Davis, Wayne Smith

Blaum Arena – Shane Gragg, Art Robbins, Ryan Knight, Matt Crace

Buyer’s Dinner – Mary Conley, Jay Whitmore, Mike Carter, Joe Crace

Campground – Mary Conley, Mike Carter, Jim Bond, Brandon Greene

Commercial Booth – Bonnie Ward, Jim Bond, Brandon Greene, Cody Robbins

Concessions & Rides – Ryan Knight, Mary Conley, Adam Fout

Dairy Cattle – Howard McClay, Wes Davis

Dirt Drags – Adam Fout, Tom Ward, Joe Crace, Jay Whitmore

Demolition Derby – Mick Wooldridge, Mike Rowe, Wayne Smith, Cody Robbins, Adam Fout

Goats – Art Robbins, Matt Crace, Jay Whitmore, Ryan Knight, Lyle Ricer

Entertainment – Cody Robbins, Art Robbins, Matt Crace

Entry Clerk – Bonnie Ward

Farm & Garden – Howard McClay, Wes Davis, Matt Crace

Finance & Budget – Adam Fout, Mary Conley

Grounds – Brandon Greene, Cody Robbins, Howard McClay, Joe Crace,

Harness Racing – Ryan Knight, Jay Whitmore, Mike Rowe, Adam Fout

Horse Pull – Lyle Ricer, Mike Carter, Wes Davis, Mick Wooldridge, Mike Rowe

Horse Show – Wayne Smith, Mike Carter, Jay Whitmore, Brandon Greene, Lyle Ricer

Junior Fair Board – Wayne Smith, Ryan Knight

Labor Pool Department – Adam Fout, Jim Bond

Legislation – Entire Board

Livestock Sales – Mary Conley, Jay Whitmore, Cody Robbins, Lyle Ricer, Matt Crace

Multipurpose Arena – Tom Ward, Wayne Smith, Mike Rowe, Joe Crace, Wes Davis, Matt Crace

Parking – Jim Bond, Adam Fout

Police – Adam Fout, Wes Davis

Premium Book – Mary Conley, Bonnie Ward

Publicity – Jim Bond, Mike Carter, Ryan Knight, Mike Rowe

Rabbits & Poultry – Shane Gragg, Art Robbins, Brandon Greene, Joe Crace, Matt Crace

Rental of Grounds – Connie Goble

Rodeo – Lyle Ricer, Mike Rowe, Cody Robbins, Wayne Smith

Sanitation – Jim Bond, Tom Ward, Mary Conley

Sawdust & Logs – Mick Wooldridge, Tom Ward, Ryan Knight

Sheep – Art Robbins, Ryan Knight, Matt Crace, Jay Whitmore, Lyle Ricer

Stage – Tom Ward, Lyle Ricer, Cody Robbins

Swine – Wayne Smith, Adam Fout, Mike Carter, Cody Robbins, Wes Davis, Ryan Knight

Tickets – Jim Bond, Adan Fout

Truck Pull – Mick Wooldridge, Adam Fout, Tom Ward, Cody Robbins, Mary Conley, Wes Davis, Jay Whitmore