Pike County Agricultural Society
2023 Rules and Regulations – SCHOOL BUS DERBY
Pike County Fair, August 1, 2023, Piketon Ohio
DISCLAIMER: Pike County Agricultural Society – Pike County Fair does not imply or guarantee safety. The responsibility for inspection of bus safety and rule compliance is by the Owner and Driver.

  1. ENTRY: You MUST complete the entry form as instructed. Drivers MUST be 21 years of age or older and hold a VALID driver’s license. Drivers MUST wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt when operating a vehicle in the demolition derby. Drivers MUST wear a DOT approved Full Face Helmet and Eye Protection. Drivers MUST wear a safety belt and shoulder harness during the competition. Shoulder harness MUST be a quick-release type.
  2. CONDUCT: Drivers are responsible for the actions of their Crew Members. Any Driver or Crew Member not obeying the rules as outlined by Pike County Agricultural Society may be disqualified. All competition rules will be described at the MANDATORY drivers meeting to be held 30 minutes prior to the event. Officials may disqualify any vehicle that is deemed a safety risk and/or a hazard to the participants or spectators. (Example of disqualifying action: intentionally spinning of tires, throwing dirt/mud towards spectators or other drivers.
  3. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Are PROHIBITED at the demolition derby, the in-field, and the pit area. Violations by driver and pit crew will result in disqualification of that vehicle and pit crew.
  4. ALL OFFICIAL DECISIONS ARE FINAL: Any Driver or Pit Crew Member that intentionally violates the rules and regulation put forth by the Pike County Agricultural Society or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified. Pike County reserves the right to refuse the entry of a bus, or its drivers in the demolition derby.
  5. PIT PASSES: Only the driver and those with a pit pass will be allowed in the pit area at the time of the derby. NO Exceptions
    III. SAFETY AND BUS SPECIFICATIONS; All buses must pass a safety inspection and comply with the official’s decision on make and model to be safe and competitive. Non-conformance to the rules will be deemed illegal resulting in disqualification.
    a) LARGE BUSES: Conventional style front end buses only. NO flat nose or rear engine buses allowed.
    b) SMALL BUSES: Small buses will NOT be allowed to participate in the demolition derby
    c) PARTICIPATING BUSES: must be “Stock” – manufactured showroom equipped including the same make/model for the engine, transmission, and differential components.
    a) Identifying number or name must be clearly marked on BOTH sides
    b) Bus MUST have a bright orange 6×6 square painted on the Driver’s Side with a contrasting X in the center of the 6×6 orange square.
    c) Buses can be painted any color or colors as long as there is NO derogatory signs, letters or logos. All logos, graffiti and markings must be family friendly.
  8. BRAKES: Bus MUST have 4 wheel brakes in good operating condition.
  9. BUMPERS: Front bumper may be shortened for tire clearance, but can NOT be completely removed.
  10. DRIVER’S COMPARTMENT: Reinforcements are ONLY permitted in the Driver’s compartment for safety.
    a) Airbags MUST be removed
    b) Batteries may be installed in a steel case provided the terminal side remains open.
    c) One (1), two (2), or three (3) bus batteries may be located inside the bus, provided they are secured and completely covered at least 8 feet from the driver.
  12. EXHAUST PIPES: May remain STOCK and extend beyond the Driver’s seat. The muffler and converter may be removed.
  13. FAN BLADE: MUST be a clutch or electric of any make or model. Clutch fans MUST be protected by a radiator fan shroud or the fan blade itself MUST be removed.
  14. FENDERS AND INNER/OUTER WHEEL WELLS: Tilt hoods and wheel wells MUST be in place, No cutting or reinforcing is permitted.
  15. FUEL TANK:
    a) Fuel tanks MUST remain stock.
    b) A rubber/plastic/metal protective cover may be placed around the fuel tank as long as it is secured.
  16. GLASS/WINDOWS: Glass MUST be removed, including headlights and plastic taillights, bulbs, mirrors, side windows. EXCEPTION: Front lights above the driver and windshield will be permitted.
  17. WINDSHEILD: MUST have two (2) vertical straps in place of the windshield to prevent large pieces of debris from entering the driver’s compartment. Protection on the driver’s side window is also required.
  18. HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM: Radiator may be bypassed, but MUST remain in the original position. All anti-freeze must be drained and replaced with water. Freon MUST be removed per Federal Law.
  19. HOOD: Fire Regulation mandates that the hood MUST be tied down in four (4) different locations.
    a) A hole MUST be cut in the hood one foot (1) to the side of the center of the air cleaner, no larger than 9 inches in diameter.
    b) Hood springs MUST be removed. Hinges MUST remain hooked up.
    a) Mirrors, wheel covers, plastic, fiberglass grill parts, trailer hitch, hitch brackets and all soft chrome molding MUST be removed.
    b) Roll cage IS allowed
  21. SUSPENSION, FRAME AND BODY: MUST NOT be modified or reinforced in any way.
  22. TIRES:
    b) Maximum Tire Pressure.
    c) All wheel weights MUST be removed from tires/rims.
    d) NO inner liner of studs. Only air allowed in the tires, NO solids or liquids permitted.
  23. BUS REMOVAL: Buses from the Pike County School Bus Derby will be the responsibility of the Pike County Sr. Fair Board to remove. Buses entered in the Open Class Bus Derby MUST be removed from the grounds by 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, August 2nd by the said owner or person entering it in the derby. If Open Class Buses are not removed by 10:00 a.m. the morning following the derby, Sr. Fair Board will have the bus towed off the grounds at the owner’s expense.

PIKE COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT IN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to enter for any purpose any RESTRICTED AREA (herein defined as including but not limited to the derby arena, competition area, areas reserved and intended for participants or restricted to the general public, and all walkways, concessions and other appurtenant to any area where any activity related to the event shall take place), or being permitted, officiate, work for, or for any purpose participate in any way in the event. THE UNDERSIGNED, for himself, his personal representatives, heirs and next to kin, acknowledges, agrees and represents that he has, or will immediately upon entering any such restricted areas and will continuously thereafter, inspect such restricted areas and all portions thereof which he enters and which he comes in contact and he does further warrant that his entry upon such restricted area or areas and his participation, if any, in the event constitutes an acknowledgment that he has inspected such restricted areas and that he finds and accepts the same as being safe and reasonably suited for the purpose of his use and he further agrees and warrants that if, at any time, he is in or about restricted areas and feels anything to be unsafe, he will immediately advise the officials of such and will leave the restricted area. 1. HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND CONVENANTS NOT TO SUE the PIKE COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY or any subdivision thereof, derby committee, derby association, land owner, arena operators or owners, officials, any persons in the restricted area, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners and lessees of premises used to conduct the event and each of them, their officers bad employees, all for the purpose herein referred to as “releasees” from all liability to the undersigned, his personal representatives, assigns heirs and next of kin for any and all loss of damage and any claim of demands therefore on account of injury to the person or property resulting in death of the undersigned, whether caused by the negligence of the releasee or otherwise while the undersigned is in or upon the restricted area and/or competing, officiating in, working for, or for any purpose participating in the event. 2. HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur due to the undersigned in or upon the restricted area or in any way competing, officiating, observing, working for, or for any purpose participating in the event and whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise. 3. HEREBY ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND RISK BODILY INJURY, DEATH OR PROPERTY DAMAGE due to the negligence of releasee or otherwise while in or upon the restricted area and/or while competing, observing, working for or for any purpose participating in the event. I, THE UNDERSIGNED, expressly acknowledge and agree that the activities of this event are very dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. I, THE UNDERSIGNED further expressly agree that the foregoing release, waiver and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of Colorado and that if any portion is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue to full legal force and effect. I, THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNED THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, and further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.